Is your Life's Business your Life's Mission?

I praise my creator today for giving me a good 13hours of sleep!:-) Yehey! So many questions in Life has been challenging my thoughts in my quiet times...Questions as 'What is My Life's Business? And 'What is my real Life's Mission?'....Will there be anything new today? Fastforwarding, my thoughts came to a realization of my calling to be in business...I have been in business of providing Healthcare, Protection, and Welfare program for some of my own clients as well as for my business associates for about 10 years now! Whew, how time flies indeed...I got my business management exposure from my 3 Multinational affiliations and now since last year on a Local but strong player in the industry...I see new faces in this industry...My calling for now is in Sales and Agency Business Management. I wonder where are my batchmates now? When I get to be caught in a conversations of acquaintances of people asking what am I busy of in life? I simply answer quick...I am in business. When a follow up question comes up 'So what business then?', I say 'My Life's Business is primarily making Disciples of Jesus Christ in the field or industry or business environment where I am in'...Wanna guess what's the usual reaction? Silence...Deep silence and what follows would always be if approving...but what I can sense is a moment of amazement. Will further share on this...meantime I have to pause... But I ask you..what about You? What is your Life's Business? What do you think is your Life's Mission? Is your life's business your life's mission? Let us learn from each other...I believe it is time right? :-)


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