7 Years After-Now a Self-Leadership Blogger.

Finally, after 7 years I am writing my 2nd blog officially.                                                Well it took time for me to choose a topic to write on-a substantial one as we say:) And today, may I share with you what my own wish for my mind, heart and hands had thoughts to-touched on and teach for to add value to myself  and to others.                      Day-in.Day-out. Yes, everyday. Indeed, each one can gather as much value-as much wisdom to better one's life primarily if we are just intentional and attentive.                   As simple as during our autho pilot activities like waking up and eating breakfast--we can continue to better ourselves. What are your first thoughts as you wake up?Are you thinking about the Autbor of your life or there's someone else? What are your first words as you wake up? Are you expressing thanks unto your Maker for your new breathe of life?                           What do your hands first find to do to ADD VALUE to yourself first as you approach the day ahead? SELF-LEADERSHIP. Yes, if only we can master the way in leading our selves first, for sure our lives can be purposeful as well for others. There is still time. Sharing Ecclesiastes 3:10. To a Full Life! :)


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